Divinity Dance Studio

JRO Ministries- Divinity Dance Studio of Praise & Fitness Center is a non-profit organization that reaches out to all ages and ethnic groups. JRO Ministries is a center for empowerment, nutritional education, health and fitness gift development and academic achievement through our tutoring & mentorship programs. JRO Ministries also provides worshippers (dancers/singers) enrichment through the Divinity Dance Divine Leaders Monthly Mentorship Meeting.

Global Day of Prayer

An important purpose of the Global Day of Prayer is to encourage God's whole family to meet together in one place each year on Pentecost Sunday. Our desire is to please Him according to Jesus' prayer in John 17 with prayers and praise offered in His name in an atmosphere of unity and harmony. Each year there has been a growing sense of God's presence at this event. The Global Day of Prayer will begin as the sun rises in the East (Fiji) and will not end until the sun sets in the West (Hawaii). Towns and cities will be uniting in repentance & prayer at stadiums, churches, market squares, etc. In "closed" countries, creative Christians will make a way to pray together. Please visit www.praystl.org for more information.

Divinity Dance Studio of Praise & Fitness Center
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